A £100 gift voucher to spend at any NOTTO Pasta Bars restaurant

£100 Gift Voucher

Treat someone to a fantastic meal at NOTTO!

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You may optionally fill in the details above which will then appear on the voucher. If you’re buying one as a gift for somebody else for example you could fill in all the details so that the voucher would have yours and the recipient’s names and a message from you.

When you include an email address for the recipient then we will send them an email with the voucher(s) attached as well as sending a copy to you.

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terms & conditions

Vouchers from NOTTO Pasta Bars can only be redeemed as payment for meals at any of our restaurants. You may use one or more vouchers to cover part or all of the cost of your meal. They are non-refundable and cannot be converted into cash. Each voucher is valid for 12 months from the date of purchase. Any vouchers not used after this period will expire with no entitlement to refund or exchange.

When you use a voucher its full value will be redeemed and that value cannot be split over different visits. If the cost of your meal is less than the value of the voucher we cannot refund or credit the difference.

Vouchers must be presented by the bearer on arrival at the restaurant and should be mentioned when booking.



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